HAUNTED BODY --- The Beginnng

Click help for page 2 --- The next day

Its another rainy night. Jade stand in fornt of the window, staring aimlessly at the street.

Loneliness? Maybe. Or isit just another day, where life start to get back to her.

"I am just a simple gal, living aimlessly in this world." she thinks.

"Or maybe, I just needed something to spice up my life..."

Slowly, she move away from the window, lying back into her bed. Soft and comfy. Thats the feeling she likes. Somehow, it never do the trick of making her feel better.

Looking into her phone, well, now everyone is connected to the phone. Maybe, I just needed someone to talk to. Maybe.... I just need to give hiim a text.

Alex, this guy she know from.... cant really remember from where.... but he is funny. Maybe, he can kill my loneliness...

Jade is slim, have a nice body and a stylish face. Lots of man approach her, and she know why. Alex looks normal, not the typical asian guy. But she like the way he make her laught. Not the pr…


Lately , I enroll into a yoga class. Its fun, and I felt much healthier ....

Am I go more indept into yoga, I found that nude yoga, give you more freedom. Without the restriction and burden of cloths, you can really feel the energy.

As time pass, I get a little bored. Thus I turn to my classmate, the gals to look for a partner to do double nude yoga.

And with no luck, I cant find any. Thus I search and found this webside with vids in nude yoga.

I cant help but end up with masturbation at the end of every yoga I did on my own, its like a habbit.

Found this Lady Gaga vids on youtube, a must watch,,, hehe

Instead a cute guy start talking to me. He told me that Kamasutra, the great sex position, come from yoga. And show me few video where couple can do together. His vids is boring. So I show him what I found instead.

Ya, and some how he got excited. Well, since its after yoga, and a habit, I try out a few position with him. And we ended up.......

My bf? Who ask him not to join me for yoga …


You ever imagine to get it in a bus?

I do, and did... hahhaa...

Its with my ex ... which one??? Dont know, not keeping score, I meant who does keep score... more of how you do it...hehe

Will, we got playful the other day, so I ware a mini skirt and took a long journey bus at off pick hours.
Yes, you are smart, we are at the end of the bus, the last roll...

First I "sing" for him.... thats normal.
What surprise me is that he.... "eat me"... I meant its hard....hehe... I can see him struggle....

Than with my g-string aside.... I sit on him....


There is no more and..... I eat it all up, till the last bit.... ye.... yammy.... muck!

Fairy Tale

When I am young, I read alot of fairy tales story.

Ofcasue, I love to imagine all kind of character.

Till this days I still like to watch fairy tales, it bring me back to childhood days.

Best to watch with your guy.... somehow old fairy tales movies make me wet... will you watch with me... and image I am beside you... going thru my childhood fantasy...

like The Wizard of Oz... who you want to be... lion or.... thin man... hehehe

Alice in me wander around you

Beauty and the Beast ... would you be my beast

Cinderella .... find me....

or would you just rather watch Donald Trump .... Man and politics.... cant understand....

Why o why

Guys are funny animal.

Dont let you see, you like dog..... crying for mummy...

Let you see, yet you post everywhere, make a big fuss out of it, and ladies have to delete their profile.

Why cant I do this and this?

Why cant you just watch and keep quite?

And watch...

PS. all sg ,view before deleted... 2 pic n a video... hehe

Days when we were young 我的少女时代

Whats the point of living, if we cant be ourself?

Will, i can say I am a crazy one, did many things....(notti???) .

Love is like, a dream... never seems to happen... ya, I do have some fun but just not so....

Untill this guy.... maybe I am too young, but you know , which gals wouldn't fall for him???

Anyway, we have lots of fun !!!  ( You got to watch this to know what I mean by fun...hehehe!)

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